Simple Braided Messy Bun Video Tutorial

This braided messy bun is simply beautiful! I have seen this same style used for weddings, parties, prom, and even a simple day at work. A perfect braided style for long hair, this bun comes together easily, and since it doesn’t have to be exact, anyone can do this. Even someone with no experience braiding hair. I love how this can be done in just a few minutes on my way out the door!

Collage of braided messy bun

Braided Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of my go-to hairstyles, but it isn’t exactly dressy enough for a big event. This unique version is just as easy to create but has just enough extra to make it go from “lazy day hair” to “effortlessly styled”.

Every woman needs an easy style that can make them feel glamorous with little effort. This is definitely one I believe easily fits into that category. It’s ideal for longer hair but could be adjusted for hair as short as just above the shoulder. You could even create a rendition of this with shorter hair, but the best look will come from a long style.

Beautiful woman with messy bun

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Tools I Use

Other hair tools I love:

Brunette with braided bun

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How to Create a Braided Messy Bun

Start by combing and detangling your hair so it is easy and ready to style. I find this style works best with “dirty” hair that hasn’t been washed that day. This helps the style hold better and eliminate the problem of having fly-aways or loose hairs.

Step 1

To style your hair, you will begin by separating your hair into three sections. I start with by pulling the front up in a “half up” style as shown and tie with a hair tie, then loosen a bit to add some volume on top.

Separating the top section of hair

Now you will take the hair on the right side and gather into a ponytail.

Separating the side section of hair

Then take the hair on the left side and gather into a ponytail.

Separating another side of hair

Step 2

Now that you have your hair separated into three sections, you will start with one side and begin a twist braid. To do this, you will divide that ponytail up into three equal sections, and twist each section while braiding them. This will result in the look shown. {See video tutorial if uncertain}.

Twist braiding a ponytail

Once the twisted it braid has been tied at the end, you will then gently pull the hair apart to fluff and give it more body.

Fluffing twisted braid

Repeat this process with the middle section of hair.

Twisting and braiding ponytails

Finish by doing the same with the other side ponytail until all three are in a twisted braid.

Finishing third braid

Step 3

Take the middle braid, and twist it up onto the middle of the back of your head, and pin in place. This will be similar to a regular bun by wrapping it around itself.

Twisting braid up to pin for bun

Twist one of the side braids and pin in place beside the first bun as shown below.

Twisting braid up to create bun

Finish this by doing the last braid placing it slightly lower and close to the nape of the neck as shown.

Pinning braids in place

Step 5

Once all braids have been pinned in place, you will loop a string of beads onto the top side of the bun as shown.

Adding beads to hair bun

Attach the beads or floral accents using decorative pins.

Decorative pin for braided bun

Once everything is in place, you can check and add bobby pins to any loose areas, and spritz the look with hairspray to hold in place.

Back of brunettes head with decorated messy bun

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