Popsicle Stick Spider Web Halloween Decoration

Dollar store crafts are my favorite projects to create. I love how easy they usually come together, the price can’t be beaten, and of course, the supplies are easy to find. One of my favorites recently is this little craft stick spider web! It’s a classic choice that makes spiders friendly instead of scary! Add them to your Halloween decorations or use them as a way to keep kids busy on long fall afternoons!

Woman holding craft stick spider web

Craft Stick Spider Web

Craft sticks are the base of some of my favorite projects. They are so versatile, easy to paint, any type of glue works on them, and they are sturdy to hold things or to help build small projects. You really can’t go wrong when you pick up craft sticks. So, when thinking about making a cute spider web, I knew they’d make the ideal base.

Using craft sticks as the base to wrap twine around to create a web gives it a less scary look. People fear spiders, but they don’t have to! This project makes them fun and cute instead of scary and spooky! That makes it perfect for school classrooms, kids parties, or decorations in your own home.

Spider web on white table

What Can You Use for Webbing?

Yarn is the obvious choice for ease and affordability. You probably already have a few different colors of yarn stashed away in your craft closet. If you don’t have yarn on hand, any black or grey twine or ribbon would work for this.

For a more authentic look, you might be able to find fake cobwebs at your local dollar store. Those can also be used to wind around the craft sticks or to weave back and forth over them to create a webbed look. I’ve even seen frayed white fabric used to create a web look.

Spider web on fall leaves

How Can I Use This to Decorate?

Halloween is my husbands favorite time of year to decorate the house. He loves all of the spooky spider webs, ghosts, and pumpkins. So, he always has something new to put up on our door, porch, or even our mantle. Below are a few ideas that he and I both think would be great for using this cute spider web.

  • Attach to a door frame with fake cobwebs.
  • Glue to a wreath form along with other Halloween decorations and hang on the front door.
  • Make several and use as place settings for Halloween breakfast with the kids.
  • Glue to a vase full of black and orange flowers to use as a centerpiece on your table.
  • Place in random corners of shelves or on your mantle against books or a vase of flowers.

Woman holding craft stick spider web

Can I Use a Plastic Spider Instead?

You sure can! I love making these little pom pom spiders because they are so easy to put together, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them on your spider web. You can easily pick up a bag of plastic spiders to add to the webs instead. You can even add plastic flies or other small insects to the web. While spiders make webs, it’s not uncommon to find other little creatures in them.

You don’t have to add a spider at all if you don’t want! These little webs are adorable as they are, and can be added as Halloween decor with or without the spider on the middle. You can even add a bit of glitter to the web to make it sparkle like morning dew. It will turn it into a totally new look that is cute and fun!

Craft stick spider web on stump

Is This a Good Craft for Kids to Make?

This is a PERFECT kids craft! Since you only need a bit of craft glue (hot glue not necessary), it’s easy for kids to make. I love the idea of setting up a craft station for kids and lining the middle of the table with craft sticks, yarn, pom poms, glitter, and other little bits and bobs to add to the web. There is nothing like getting together with your kids and helping them create something fun and new. This is ideal for helping them add their own unique decor to their bedroom for Halloween.

Craft stick spider web on stump

Supplies Needed

Supplies for craft stick spider web

How to Make a Craft Stick Spider Web

If using plain craft sticks, paint both sides and set aside to dry.

Glue the small pom pom onto the medium pom pom.

Gluing pom poms together

Add googly eyes to the smaller pom pom.

Gluing eyes on spider

Cut a pipe cleaner into 8 pieces.

Cutting pipe cleaners

Attach the legs, four on each side of the spider with glue, then set aside.

Gluing legs to spider

Glue two craft sticks on top of each other so they are crossed in an X shape then glue a third craft stick on top of those at an opposite angle creating 6 “legs” to the web.

Gluing craft sticks together

On the very center of the sticks, glue the end of your yarn or twine and begin wrapping it around each stick making your way around the sticks in a circle.

Weaving yarn around craft sticks

Continue wrapping the twine or yarn around the sticks spacing each wrap a little bit apart so the orange craft stick shows through.

Weaving yarn around craft sticks

When you reach the end of the sticks, cut the end of the yarn and glue in place.

Weaving yarn around craft sticks

Attach the spider to the center of the web with glue.

Putting spider on web

Now you can display your craft stick spider web for Halloween!

Spider web on white table

More Halloween Craft Ideas

Crafting at Halloween is always fun. Whether you want to create something cute and fun or spooky and scary, below are some of our favorite ideas. The best ones are perfect for keeping year after year to bring out and decorate each October for the new Halloween celebrations.

Crafting Tip

If you don’t want to paint craft sticks for this project, you can by dyed craft sticks in large packs on Etsy or Amazon. Sometimes my local Dollar Tree also has them in stock, but more commonly you will find them online.

Yield: 1

Spider web on fall leaves

Follow a simple tutorial for making your very own dollar store craft stick spider web craft just in time for Halloween decor. A perfect kids Halloween craft project!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


Paint the craft sticks any color you prefer. Orange, purple, green, black, and grey are traditional halloween colors.

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Finished Project Gallery

These look perfect in the midst of a Halloween table decor arrangement.

Spider web on fall leaves

They are also great as part of your outdoor decorations. While not entirely weather proof, they last well for the season.

Craft stick spider web on stump

Look for sparkly pom poms to add a little life to your spider!

Spider web on fall leaves

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