Farmhouse Style Fall Lettered Mason Jar Home Decor

Fall is my favorite season! Cool-weather, yummy food, and of course, the fact that there are so many amazing ideas for home decor. This fall lettered mason jar decor is such a pretty addition to your home decor. Warm fall colors, burlap for rustic appeal, and upcycled mason jars make it a perfect craft that anyone can make. Customize your own home decor and style with simple changes to the design.

Fall mason jar decor on cobblestone

Fall Lettered Mason Jar Decor

Mason jar crafts always look better than others, and this project is no different. The word “fall” is spelled out with one word per jar to create a fun spin on a fall sign. You can add these to your mantle, kitchen counter, or even use them as a centerpiece on your dining table.

With such easy crafting supplies used, it’s simple to turn this into a project to make with your kids. You can add some extra embellishments on the table for them to turn each jar into a unique creation and then display proudly around the home. I love that this works not just for fall but also works for Halloween and Thanksgiving. That’s my favorite part of fall decor. It’s so fluid from one holiday to the next.

Fall mason jar decor on white table

What Can I Use to Make the Letters?

I always have foam paper on hand for crafting, so I immediately picked it up to use for this word. You can use tons of different options to writing the words, just look at what you already have on hand. Below are some ideas that easily make sense for creating words on crafts of all kinds.

  • Cut out paper or cardstock and glue in place.
  • Use a stencil with your favorite paints.
  • Patchwork fabric into the letter shapes.
  • Embroider each letter onto the burlap.
  • Use glue to create the letters then sprinkle with glitter.

Fall mason jar decor on cobblestone

Can I Use Ribbon Instead of Burlap?

If you prefer a smoother look, you can pick up some thick lengths of ribbon instead. You might even want to cut the fabric into lengths to go over the jar for a different look. I love the idea of using strips of flannel in plaids for this. It just seems to scream fall and cooler weather has hit.

If you don’t have ribbon or burlap, you can also simply attach the letters to the painted jars for a similar look with fewer steps. I like this if you want a crisp clean look that showcases the bright colors you choose to paint your jar.

Fall mason jars on fake leaves

Do I Have to Paint the Jars?

No, you don’t have to paint your jars for this sign. I like the idea of having a different color for every jar and find this adds to the look, but it isn’t necessary. You can find colored jars from a variety of things that can also add a unique look. Various olives, pickles, and salsas come in different jars with different tint. So, even though painting really adds to the look, it isn’t necessary.

You could even easily pick up plastic cups or jars in a variety of colors for this project. This cuts out the painting portion of this craft and makes it an easy project to make with kids with limited mess involved.

Lettered fall mason jar decor on a table

What Other Containers Can I Use For This Fall Sign?

Any jar or vase can work for this project. I prefer wide-mouthed jars like mason jars or mayonnaise jars, but you can use bud vases or even some steins or mugs. All you need is a jar that allows you to tuck flowers inside after it is painted and decorated. Look to your pantry, refrigerator, and storage for different options. You can even pick up a variety of jars at Dollar Tree in different sizes and styles and give this a unique less uniform look if preferred.

Fall mason jar decor on white table

Fall mason jar decor on white table

Supplies Needed

Fall sign mason jar decor supplies

How to Make Fall Lettered Mason Jar Decor

Paint the outside of each mason jar a different color then set aside to let dry completely.

Painting a mason jar

While the jars are drying, trace the word “Fall” in all capital letters onto the back of black glitter foam paper.

Drawing a word on foam paper

Cut the letters out of the foam paper.

Cutting letters out of foam paper

The word fall in letters

Attach the letters onto burlap.

Cut out a the strip of burlap with one letter per strip.

Cutting burlap

Wrap the burlap around the painted jar and glue into place.

Attaching burlap around jar

Fill each jar with flowers or decorations and line up on a table or mantle spelling out FALL.

Lettered fall mason jar decor on a table

More Fall Home Decor Ideas

As I said, I love to decorate for fall. That often means I have a ton of ideas and need to figure out how to make them come to life around my home. Below are some of my favorites from past years and even recent creations that I know you’ll love.

Crafting Tip

Pick up jars or vases in a variety of sizes on Dollar Tree online for projects like this one. You can even find foam paper, burlap, ribbon, and other basic crafting supplies in bulk that are ideal for stocking your craft supply closet.

Yield: 4

Lettered fall mason jar decor on a table

Update a few mason jars and turn them into gorgeous farmhouse style fall lettered mason jar decor for your table or mantle!

Active Time
10 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
40 minutes


Estimated Cost


Use any color paint you prefer to make this fit your own home decor.

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Finished Project Gallery

These make a beautiful centerpiece for your fall table or part of a backyard picnic table decoration.

Fall mason jar decor on cobblestone

Paint the jars different colors to match your home decor.

Woman holding fall letter jars

Or add additional pumpkin, apple, or cornucopia sticker to the jars for another look.

Woman holding fall letter jars

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