Easy Paper Halloween Hanging Garland Decoration

No matter how crafty you are, sometimes you need super easy and simple. The solution for Halloween comes in the form of this adorable little paper Halloween hanging garland. This decoration is simply put, the easiest craft you’ll ever make. All you need is some jute or twine, colored craft paper, a few markers or paint pens, and you have a perfect decoration to add a little fun and a bit of spooky to any room!

Woman holding Halloween garland

Paper Halloween Hanging Garland Decoration

It doesn’t matter how crafty, or how uncrafty you are, anyone can make this decoration! It’s all about cutting a few triangles and decorating them. One of the things I love the most about Halloween in particular is that none of the characters have exact looks. Ghosts, pumpkins, vampires, bats, they all have tons of variety in how you can make them smile or scowl. You don’t have to feel stuck in doing a certain thing!

This is the ideal choice for a last-minute decoration but is also great for kids’ rooms, party decorations, or a class project. Imagine putting up this garland the length of a classroom chalkboard. You could have each student make their own character to add! This is such a fun craft, I know your kids will enjoy making it, but you may decide it’s your favorite project too!

Halloween bunting hanging by orange cups

What Can I Use to Hang This Bunting?

My go-to for bunting and hanging decor is to pick up my giant roll of jute or twine. It’s inexpensive, durable, and matches almost any decor style. I love rustic, and it’s ideal for that style. So, that is the base for your garland, but you need to attach the individual “flags” or characters. For this project, I picked up some little miniature clothespins. They make it look so cute!

Other things you can use instead of twine include:

  • Rope
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Braided fabric
  • Fishing line
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing thread

You can also use some of the following ideas to attach your flags to the twine.

  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • Tie with twine or ribbon
  • Traditional clothespins
  • Ornament hooks
  • Staples

You could even go a bit extra and use these clothespin monsters to hang the flags. Or, perhaps these clothespin bat decorations. These would just add to the look and make it even more fun to create!

Halloween garland on white background with decor

What Characters Can I Add to My Garland?

I used the traditional characters most often found with Halloween. A simple pumpkin, Frankenstein, ghost, and bat. These, to me, seemed to be the easiest to make match the theme and fit into the triangular flags. That doesn’t mean those are the only characters you can add, of course, you can get creative with more ideas. Below are a few more you could create.

  • Witches Hat or face
  • Paper broom for a witch
  • Zombies
  • Tombstones
  • Spiders or webs
  • Mummies
  • Vampires

Halloween bunting by flying bat decor

How Can I Decorate With This?

Decorating with your Halloween garland is so easy! It’s ideal for making as small or as large as you need for the space. The smaller ones are ideal for doorways, chairs, or small spaces. Larger lengths of garland can go onto bigger spaces. Below are a few of the ideas I thought of to use this for as a decoration.

  • Hang along the top of windows over curtains or on the window sill to hang down from the window.
  • Attach to the mantle below other decor.
  • Hang on an entertainment center above the television.
  • Attach to the front of a buffet table at a party or event.
  • Add to doorways, arches, and entryways throughout a home.
  • Hang smaller versions on the backs of chairs at Halloween parties.
  • Use nylon or plastic flags and hang along the awning of your front porch for outdoor decoration.
  • Hang between trees in your yard for outdoor parties and events.

This garland looks great on a mantle below these cute little Halloween characters made from toilet paper rolls or this cute little paper witch Halloween decoration. A fun way to add that rustic but cute look to your mantle space. It would even look nice next to these upcycled flower pot Halloween characters.

Halloween garland on chalkboard

Variations to Add A Unique Look to Your Garland

If you still aren’t sure about this look, you can make yours unique with simple additions. I used a nice textured craft paper to add depth, but you could use construction paper, craft paper, cardstock, or even plastic. Glitter or foam paper adds a 3D element that looks really cool. Fabric can make this less stiff and look better when outside in a breeze.

Glitter spray or glow in the dark paint on the flags can catch light or glow at parties or events after dark. Matching ribbons or ties at the top of each flag can tie the look together a bit, and you can even customize a braided ribbon rope to hang these from if wanted. The possibilities are truly endless for such a simple project.

Woman holding Halloween garland

Supplies Needed

Halloween garland supplies

How to Make a Paper Halloween Garland

Cut out triangles from craft paper, one per character. Orange for pumpkins, green for Frankenstein, white for ghosts, and black for bats. I made one of each, but you can do as many of each as needed to create the bunting length you want.

Colorful triangle bunting on green table

On the orange paper triangle, draw two triangles at the top flat end of the paper for the eyes. Add another smaller triangle a bit below the eyes for the nose. Then draw a small smile toward the bottom with jagged teeth.

Fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth with black marker or paint and set aside.

Pumpkin face on triangle

On the green triangle of paper, draw a jagged line across the top flat end of the paper for the hair. Then add two eyes that are rounded on the bottom but flat on top. Add a jagged line for the mouth a little more than halfway down the flag, and finish with a small line and stitches below the mouth.

Fill in the eyes and hair with marker or paint and set aside.

Frankenstein face on green paper

On the white paper triangle, draw two oval or wobbly circles toward the top flat end of the paper for the eyes and fill them in with marker or paint.

Add a mouth in a large wobbly circle or jagged line and then fill it in with black marker or paint and set aside.

Cut out two small triangles of black paper and attach on either side of the top flat end of the black triangle of paper for bat ears.

Glue the googly eyes about 1/4 of the way down the top flat end of the flag.

Draw on a mouth and fangs halfway down the bat flag and fill in with white paint pen then set aside.

Halloween bunting flags on green table

Cut a length of twine as long as you want the garland to be, and tie a loop on both ends to make it easy to hang.

Using the miniature clothespins, attach the flags a few inches apart until the garland is full.

Attaching Halloween character flags to twine

Hang as desired!

Halloween garland on green surface

More Fun Halloween Crafts

Still, need more ideas for making Halloween unique this year? I’ve got your back! You’ll love the variety of craft, treat, and project ideas listed below for adding more fun to your Halloween decor or party.

Crafting Tip

For a garland that will last for years and years, you can also invest in a ready-made white fabric bunting and then paint it or use vinyl stickers to add the decorations and characters wanted. I love the idea of making this last forever by using a sturdier flag option.

Yield: 1

Halloween bunting in trees

You’ll love how easy this cute little Halloween garland is to make! A super easy paper bunting that contains all of your favorite characters!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Cut triangles from craft paper, one per character you plan to make in the colors matching the character; Colorful triangle bunting on green table
  2. For the pumpkin, draw two triangles at the top flat end of the paper for eyes, a smaller triangle just below for the nose, and a jagged smile on the bottom end then fill in each one with a black marker or paint pen; Pumpkin face on triangle
  3. On the green paper, draw a jagged line across the top flat end of the paper and fill it in for hair;
  4. Add two eyes with a rounded bottom and flat top then fill them in;
  5. Draw a jagged line for the mouth, and then a straight line with stitches below the mouth; Frankenstein face on green paper
  6. On the white paper, draw two wobbly eyes and one large oval below for the mouth then fill them in with a black marker or paint pen; Frankenstein face on green paper
  7. Cut two small triangles of black paper and tape or glue to the sides of the top flat end of the black triangle (bat ears);
  8. Glue googly eyes toward the top flat end of the black flag;
  9. Using a white paint pen, draw on a smile then add two teeth and fill them in; Halloween bunting flags on green table
  10. Cut a length of twine to hold all of your characters and add a loop on each end to make hanging easier;
  11. Using small clothespins, attach each character flag 3-4″ apart on the twine; Attaching Halloween character flags to twine
  12. Hang on a mantle, door, or wall as desired! Woman holding Halloween garland


This is about 3 feet long and holds 4 flags easily. You can make your bunting as long as desired and add individual character flags in a pattern how you prefer.

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Finished Project Gallery

This is ideal to hang next to other great little Halloween decorations. On walls, mantles, doorways, and more.

Halloween garland on white background with decor

With the right lights or candles, you can make it almost glow!

Halloween bunting hanging by orange cups

No matter how you hang or use this garland, it’s sure to be a favorite easy Halloween decoration.

Woman holding Halloween garland

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