DIY Crane Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift Project

This DIY crane diaper cake is a great baby gift for your next baby shower! This is so cute and easy to make, plus it will totally be the talk of the baby shower. So adorable, this diaper cake is easy to make and simply adorable. Customize with your own colors and preferences to make this fit your baby gift needs.

Woman holding diaper crane

DIY Crane Diaper Cake

When you are looking for a unique baby gift idea and want to make a diaper cake, this crane diaper cake is a fantastic choice. This takes making a baby gift to a whole new level. Not only is it a great useful choice, but it is also perfect for decorating at a baby shower. It’s such a cool idea to make a centerpiece on the gift table, or even to surround by your favorite party treats.

Diaper crane on white table

What Gifts Can I Add to The Crane?

There are so many things that can go into this crane. I like to fill it with things that I know the new baby will need. Things like baby rattles, pacifiers, or onesies. Other things that can be given with this crane diaper cake are:

  • Toiletries like baby wash, shampoo, nail clippers, and a little hairbrush.
  • Emergency needs like Tylenol, Advil, teething gel, and gripe water.
  • Clothes for when the baby is older. Things like socks, outfits, sweaters, hats, or even pajamas in various sizes.
  • Baby toys for infants and toddlers so they have something ready to go as the baby grows up.
  • Small gifts for older siblings.
  • Self-care and pampering items for the mom like nail polish, body wash, bubble bath, or even fuzzy slippers.

Diaper crane on white table

How Can I Wrap This Baby Gift?

When you are giving this gift, while it is absolutely adorable, you might not want it seen until it is time to open gifts. There are several ways that you can wrap this baby gift.

  • Cellophane: Using cellophane is one a decorative way to wrap this gift. The cellophane can be wrapped around the whole gift. There is decorative cellophane that you can use or tie everything together with a beautiful bow.
  • Large Box: Boxes can be used also. Use a large box, place the crane diaper cake inside, and then you can wrap the box with pretty baby shower wrapping paper.
  • Large Gift Bag: Sometimes it is just easiest to place the gift inside of a gift bag. This diaper cake will need a large gift bag to fit is all inside.
  • Receiving Blankets: If you want to use something that can also be used by the new parents a receiving blanket, baby blankets, or crib sheets can be used. This is a fun way to give the gift-wrapped, it is also that can be used.

Diaper crane on white table

What Ways Can I Decorate This Crane?

I stuck with simple decorations and colors for this example but you can easily turn this into anything that works for your shower style. Use wrapping paper and ribbon in your party colors, or in traditional pink and blue colors. Add a fake boulder to the end of the crane by wrapping an onesie or other clothing item in wrapping paper.

Other ideas include adding stickers, signs to congratulate the new parents, or a few smaller toys tucked into the cab of the crane along with the main stuffed animal. You can even find a few toy cranes to add to the look if you know the parents would appreciate them for the baby when they are older.

Diaper cake on grey chair

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making a crane diaper cake

How to Make a Crane Diaper Cake

Using the smaller cardboard tube, trace a hole onto the larger cardboard tube on one end.

Tracing hole onto cardboard tube

Cut out the hole all the way through so there are parallel holes on either side of the tube.

Cutting cardboard tube

Wrap the larger cardboard tube in lighter colored wrapping paper.

Wrapping cardboard tube

Punch through the hole and tuck the excess paper into the tube and tape or glue to secure.

Folding paper into cardboard tube

Starting at one end of the thin tube, wrap the dark green ribbon around the tube covering all of the cardboard. You can also use wrapping paper.

Wrapping tube in ribbon

Push the thin tube through the hole punctured in the wider tube then set aside.

Sliding tube through bigger tube

On a large piece of cardboard that is around 12″ and at least 3 1/2′ long, measure the height of the crane cab to make sure it will hold the stuffed animal. About 10-12″ tall is average.

Folding cardboard

Score and fold the cardboard at this measurement, then again about 3/4 that length of the cardboard.

Measure another section after the shorter one that is equal to the first and then measure another slightly shorter section, scoring and folding all of these.

On the first of the smaller sections, draw a square to be the cab window.

Drawing on cardboard

Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the square.

Cutting hole in cardboard

Cover this entire length of cardboard with white tissue paper cutting and folding the portion over the window of the cab inward and taping or gluing to secure.

Wrapping cardboard in tissue paper

Fold the covered cardboard so that the opening is on the front, the two smaller pieces are on the top and bottom, and the back connects to the top with glue then set aside.

Folding crane cab

Glue dark green ribbon around the cab window edges.

Gluing ribbon to crane cabe

Cut out 2 small circles of yellow sparkly foam paper and glue to the front of the cab just under the window.

Adding headlights to crane cab

Roll 15 diapers and secure them with rubber bands.

Wrapping diaper in rubber band

Slide two diapers onto a dowel.

Adding dowel into diaper

Repeat this 5 times.

Place these 5 sets of diapers side by side to create a rectangle shape.

Stack of diapers

Use the polka dot ribbon to wrap around the diapers and tie to secure.

Tying ribbon onto diapers

Add another length of the green ribbon around the diapers on either side of the polka dot ribbon. Spread these ribbons apart so they are equal distance from each other and the ends of the diapers.

Cut out a square of cardboard to create a bed for the cab of the crane. You can also cut the top off of a box until there is only 3-4″ height on all sides. A shoebox lid is also a good idea.

Wrap this base with white tissue paper.

Add double-sided tape to the bottom of this box on the same length or section the ribbon will be on the diapers.

Attach this box base to the diapers sitting them on top of the ribbons. Be careful not to let the tape stick to the diapers or they won’t be usable.

Adding top to diaper cake

Use scissors or a craft knife and cut a small hole through the end of both sides of the smaller tube you wrapped earlier.

Cutting hole in small cardboard tube

Push the twine through one of the holes and tie on the underside of the tube to secure.

Run the twine down to the other hole and leaving a bit of slack, stick the twine through the hole and tie to secure leaving about 6″ of twine dangling underneath the tube

Threading twine through cardboard tube

Tie one of the diapers you rolled earlier to the end of this twine.

Tying diaper to end of twine

Glue the cab of the crane onto the base.

Adding cab to diaper cake base

Glue the end of the larger cardboard tube onto the base behind the cab making sure the smaller tube hangs over the end of the front of the cab.

Adding tube to base

Add the remaining diapers to the back empty part of the crane cab by the cardboard tube.

Adding diapers to crane back

Add your stuffed animal, toys, or gifts inside the cab of the crane.

Woman holding diaper crane

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Crafting Tip

Pick up more baby shower decor and diaper cake additions on Etsy for creating a full theme with your diaper cake. There are tons of different themed printables and kits that can also be customized!

Yield: 1

Diaper crane on white table

Make this adorable DIY crane diaper cake for a perfect baby gift to take to your next friends baby shower!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


Decorate with additional stickers, ribbons, or toys as desired.

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Finished Project Gallery

Teddy crane on a green desk.

Diaper crane on green surface

Finished project in a decorated baby room.

Diaper crane on white table

Close up photo of the front of the project.

Diaper crane on white table

Side view of the baby crane gift.

Diaper crane on wood table

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