Cute Yarn Pom Pom Spider Halloween Craft

Are you afraid of spiders? There is no need to fear this cute little pom pom spider! This is the ideal kid’s craft for Halloween. You can set up kids learning how to make their own homemade pom poms with yarn and how to have fun creating new things. I love spiders in real life, and fun fake ones are also tons of fun, but this takes all the fear out of spiders. They are friendly, cute, fun, and could even be smiling!

Pom pom spider on white surface

Pom Pom Spider Kids Halloween Craft

Before I became a boy mom, I never thought I would ever see the day where a spider crawling along beside me wouldn’t bring fear. Now, 17 years later, solidly in the middle of parenting boys, I realize just how adorable they can be if you know what they are. Spiders no longer bother me and are often welcomed. I even helped my son have one as a pet once! So, when it comes to making a cute little Halloween spider, I am excited.

This version of a spider is far from scary. Fluffy yarn pom poms create a cute little body and the eyes are as simple as little bits of paper glued in place. Give your spider personality by adding extra little hats, glitter, etc. to be even more fun! After crafting, you can even give your kids their own cute little spider lollipops as a fun snack to bring the whole theme together!

Black yarn spider on hay

What Can I Use for Spider Legs?

There are several things that can be used as legs on these spiders. I like the idea of using basic pipe cleaners because they match the fuzzy look of the pom poms and are easy to find. You could also cut up hair ties and glue to pom poms, or painted toothpicks. Perhaps even foam paper, glitter paper, or cardboard. I’d even use painted craft sticks if they were handy for this project.

There is not right or wrong way to make the legs. Yarn, twine, cloth, paper, it will all look great when added to the pom pom body. Just use what you have on hand and think looks best when you make your pom pom spiders. I liked making mine a bit sturdier by wrapping yarn around floral stems, but you could do what you prefer when making your own spiders.

Spider on fake web

How Can I Customize My Spider?

I am a huge fan of getting kids to use their imagination. There is no right or wrong when creating and having time with imaginative or pretend playtime. That means if you want a green, purple, black or, turquoise spider – you should totally go for it! So, customizing your spider is definitely something I recommend. Below are a few ideas that I thought might work for customizing a pom pom spider.

  • Use different colors of yarn.
  • Add glitter spray to make the spider sparkle.
  • Use glitter pipe cleaners for legs.
  • Add tinsel for sparkle.
  • Make and add a little hat, cape, or bow for the spider to have personality.
  • Glue on little fake shoes on each of the legs to give it feet.

Woman holding a pom pom spider

How Can I Use This for Halloween Decorating?

What would you like to do with this spider? There is your answer! It’s totally universal and easy to add to tons of different decor. I love the idea of making a ton of these to use throughout Halloween, and I am sure you will have even more ideas. Below you’ll find a few more specific ideas.

  • Glue to a wreath form along with other Halloween decorations.
  • Add to the top of gift bags or Halloween treat bags.
  • Put on top of pens or pencils for Halloween.
  • Sit on tables or mantles alongside pumpkins and similar Halloween decor.
  • Add to a Halloween terrarium with leaves and cobwebs.
  • Glue into fake cobwebs on corners of rooms and doorways.

You could even use this spider, or a smaller version, on my cute popsicle stick spider web Halloween decoration! What a cute truly homemade idea! You could even make these as party favors and add them to this fun spider bowl Halloween decoration at the entry to your haunted house or Halloween party!

Pom pom spider on cobblestone

Can I Use Regular Pom Poms Instead?

I always like making homemade pom poms because it’s often a great use for scraps of yarn leftover from one of my crochet projects. They also seem to be fluffier and well, I think they look better. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You can definitely pick up a bag of regular pom poms and use them instead of making them homemade. Just follow the directions after making the homemade on to create your own cute little spider.

Pom pom spider on stump

Supplies Needed

Pom Pom spider supplies

How to Make a Pom Pom Spider

Wind black yarn around your hand 30-40 times.

Wrapping yarn around hand

Clip the end of the yarn and slip the yarn off your hand keeping it together.

Wrap the end of the yarn around the middle of the bundle and tie to secure.

Tying the yarn

Clip through the sides of the bundle so the yarn is individual strands on both sides of the middle tie.

Clipping ends of yarn

Trim around the edges to make more even.

Repeat a second time making the pom pom slightly smaller.

Two pom pom balls

Glue the smaller pom pom onto the larger one to create a head and body.

Gluing pom poms together

Using floral stems, cut 4 pieces about twice as long as the spider is wide.

Cutting wire

Wrap the black yarn around them completely so it’s a yarn stick gluing as needed.

Wrapping yarn around wire

4 spider legs made from yarn

Glue the “legs” you’ve just made to the under side of the yarn spider body about 1/2″ apart.

Gluing legs onto pom poms

Bend the legs downward so you can sit the spider on a surface.

Black pom pom spider on green table

Cut two small white circles from foam paper then cut two black circles from foam paper.

Stick the black circles onto the white circles to create eyes.

Gluing paper to make eyes

Peel the back from the foam paper and stick the eyes onto the yarn head.

Gluing eyes onto pom pom spider

Add additional embellishments as desired and display your spider.

Woman holding a pom pom spider

More Halloween Crafts and Ideas

There are tons of great ideas for decorating for Halloween. You’ll love the simple, rustic, and fun ideas listed below. Whether you need decor, a kids craft, or fun costume ideas, I have you covered!

Crafting Tip

I absolutely love the idea of using these glitter pipe cleaners for the legs on the spider. Something about traditional spiders sparkles, and that means your fake ones should too! These come in tons of colors, but I would pick up the silver or black ones for the most authentic look to the project.

Yield: 1

Pom pom spider on cobblestone

Use yarn and create a cute little homemade pom pom spider kids craft! This is the perfect Halloween decoration for kids of all ages to create.

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make various sizes of spiders and decorate all around your home for Halloween.

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Finished Project Gallery

These are just so cute. They definitely make spiders seem fun and not scary at all.

Black yarn spider on hay

Glue them to wreaths, add them to gifts, or tuck them between other decorations on a Halloween buffet.

Pom pom spider on cobblestone

Make your spiders big or small and have fun using them throughout your Halloween decorating this year.

Pom pom spider on blue halloween paper

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