Beautiful Fall Leaf Boutonniere Wedding Accessory

There is something absolutely stunning about a fall wedding. This beautiful fall leaf boutonniere is the perfect DIY wedding accessory to go on bridegroom collars. A boutonniere is typical for a wedding, but can also be seen for different prom and school dances. This one uses just a few cute little fake leaves, some glitter, and imagination. The best part? It’s ready in 5 minutes or less!

Fall boutonnieres on stump

Fall Leaf Boutonniere Wedding Accessory

I love the idea of having a wedding where all of the decorations and accessories are hand made. There is something special about knowing your hands and hard work are involved in every aspect. With a budget in place, a wedding with DIY accessories is a must. This little fall leaf boutonniere is such a cute idea!

While not intended to be a kids craft, this works wonderfully as a kids project to help create. Since it doesn’t have to be a boutonniere, it’s okay to use this project for kids to create something unique instead. Just get creative and have fun!

Fall leaf boutonniere on stovetop

Can I Use This For Something Other Than a Wedding?

It definitely can be used for a number of other ideas. Weddings aren’t the only ways to use a boutonniere, and this doesn’t have to be a boutonniere. It can be the base for a number of different projects. It’s all about upcycling some fall leaves, a bit of glitter, and maybe twine or ribbon. Turn those into something beautiful, and you will be pleased no matter what the intended purpose of the project! Below are a few other ideas that work with this craft.

  • Use the boutonniere for a school dance, prom, or homecoming event.
  • Attach these to a fall wreath.
  • Glue to a plain napkin ring for a Thanksgiving table decoration.
  • Add a magnet to the back and put on refrigerators or filing cabinets.
  • Glue to a dowel or skewer and stick into a fall arrangement or bouquet.
  • Attach to potted plants to create a decorative fall porch decoration.

Boutonniere on wood

What Ways Can This Be Personalized?

If you are using this for a wedding, there are a few great ways to personalize this to make it just a bit more unique. I love that projects like this one are basic in nature so you can so readily change little things to create a whole new look that suits your style.

  • Match the ribbons around the base to your wedding colors.
  • Add a monogram letter to the leaf for the individual or the wedding couple.
  • Attach ribbons to flow off the bottom.
  • Instead of a button on the front, use a small plastic embellishment in a motif, letter, or animal that is meaningful to the wedding couple.
  • Add lace around the edges behind the leaves.
  • Use burlap behind the leaves or around the base of the boutonniere.

Fall boutonnieres on stump

How do You Secure a Boutonniere?

Most commonly, you will use a safety pin or a straight pin to secure it to the label or collar. Depending upon the person or what is handy, I find that a safety pin is the best option. You can hot glue it to the back of the boutonniere or you can actually pin it through the ribbon to secure.

Other options include things like using a tie clip, magnets, brooch backing, or even an earring stud and backing. I like to use what I already have on hand to make sure mine stay in place, but you can use whatever is handy. I’ve even seen them with a button attached to the back so they fit right into a buttonhole on the jacket or lapel!

Woman holding fall leaf boutonniere

Supplies Needed

Fall leave boutonniere supplies

How to Make a Fall Leaf Boutonniere

Remove at least 3-4 leaves per boutonniere from their stems and set aside.

Cutting leaves from stems

Choose 3-4 leaves and the smallest of them, add hot glue all around the edges.

Adding glue to leaf

Sprinkle glitter around the outside of the edges of the leaf coating the glue with glitter.

Adding glue to leaf

Shake off any extra glitter and allow the leaf to dry.

Adding glitter to fall leaf

Stack the leaves together with the largest in the back and the others slightly off center to create a fanned look.

Gluing leaves together

On top of the leaves, add a small sprig of artificial flowers.

Adding flower to fall leaf boutonniere

Add a touch of hot glue at the base of the leaves, then begin wrapping twine around the stems.

Adding twine to boutonniere

Continue wrapping until covered and secure the bottom with hot glue.

Tie a small bow and glue to the top of the stem. Add a button to the center of the bow.

Adding bow to fall leaf boutonniere

Secure to a lapel or collar with your choice of straight pin or safety pin.

Fall leaf boutonniers on white table

Woman holding fall leaf boutonniere

More Fall Crafts and Wedding Ideas

Whether you are looking for a few more fall-themed projects or something to add to a fall wedding, I have tons to share. Below are a few of my favorite fall projects that everyone will enjoy making.

Crafting Tip

Pick up large batches of artificial flowers and leaves on Dollar Tree online to save time and money when making multiples of this project. You can also find ribbon, twine, buttons, and safety pins on the website to save money on your wedding decor plans.

Yield: 1

Fall leaf boutonniere on stovetop

Turn a simple fake leaf and some glitter and turn it into a beautiful fall leaf boutonniere wedding accessory that looks beautiful on any lapel!

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


Add more glitter or different colors of ribbon as desired.

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Finished Project Gallery

The little accents on this are what make it stand out. Small flower buds and a button tie the look together for a wedding.

Fall leaf boutonniere on stovetop

I love how these can also double as a fall-themed wedding decoration. They aren’t only a boutonniere but also a fall decor idea that adds beauty to many things.

Fall boutonnieres on stump

Add your own monogram, different ribbons, or even different shades of leaves to make your boutonnieres more unique.

Fall leaf wedding decoration on stone walkway

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