75 Practical Command Strip Lifehacks + How to Use Them

Command Strips or hooks, you don’t know what you are missing out on! Command Strips are absolutely amazing little tools for tons of things around your home and in your life. They may have been created for one basic use, but they have become one of the best lifehack items ever created. Whether you use them to organize a part of your life or for their intended purposes, this list is sure to give you fun new ideas.

Command Hook Uses collage

Command Strip Uses

Over the years, I have learned to find tons of little thi8ngs that really help me save time and even money. These little life hacks are a must for keeping my sanity intact. It’s just hard sometimes to juggle work, kids, and life in general, so any little hack that saves time and hassle is a must. That’s where Command Strips and hooks come into play. These little additions to your life are going to be total game-changers.

The first thing to know about Command Strips is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one has a sticky back that is designed to stick to a surface long term but can be removed by pulling down on the hanging section of the backing. In recent years, 3M brand has also come out with many different types of Command Hooks, tapes, and various wall mounts to use around the home.

They began with a simple hook style to use with pictures, but now you can find them in dozens of styles. There are decorative hooks, outdoor specific hooks, and even baskets built with the hooks already in place. You truly have something for every need in your life. There are even ones designed just for holding brooms and mops in place on the wall.

How to Use a Command Strip

To use a Command Strip, you will place the two sides together, then remove the paper backing from one side and put it into place on the wall. You’ll then remove the paper backing from the other side, and connect to your picture or item you want to hold in place.

This will keep it secured to the surface until you are ready to remove it. Depending upon the strip used, you may have different instructions for placing them on the wall or removing them from a surface.

How to Remove a Command Strip

For most Command products, you will pull that loose bit on the bottom tab down and it will release the Command Strip from the surface. While some of the products have different methods of removal, this is the standard. Depending upon what product you choose, you may need to follow different steps to remove them from a surface. I like the original version best as it is easiest to put in place and remove.

Hang a lithophane lamp on the wall

The Command Strip is ideal for hanging one of these cubes from the wall. They are both lamp and decor all in one. A cute way to honor your pets or even your kids.

Source: Imgur

Pet lithosphere on wall

Hold a doorbell in place on your house

This is great if you don’t want to drill an extra hole into the door frame or wall at your house. This works for both traditional wired doorbells and Bluetooth products.

Source: Reddit

Hanging a doorbell

Attach security cameras to your walls and ceilings

Instead of drilling additional holes, you can easily attach security cameras inside and outside using Command Strips. This is even better for those renting since you can remove them so easy to take to your next home.

Keep Apple Watch charger in place

If you are always losing your charger, add it to the wall by your bed with a Command Strip to keep it in place. It’s ideal for use at your nightstand, in your bathroom, or even on your desk at work.

Mount your camera to the wall

If you take a lot of photos or do Youtube videos, you can hang your camera on a wall-mount and attach it to the wall using these Command Strips.

Source: Imgur

Hand holding command strips

Attach Bluetooth speakers to the bathroom walls

Command Strips are perfect for keeping your speakers on the walls around your shower. We all admit to singing in the shower, so why not add speakers for better sound?

Hang vinyl records on the wall as a collage

Show off your favorite records with a safe and easy to remove method. Command Strips are ideal for keeping them in place and making a stunning wall collage.

Source: Reddit

Vinyl records on wall

Keep remotes always in the same spot

Add a Command Strip to the wall by your bed or sofa and attach one to the backs of your remotes. This keeps them in place whenever you need them.

Source: Reddit

Remote control on wall

Keep feminine hygiene products handy in the bathroom

Add a few Command Strips to the inside of your bathroom cabinet to attach boxes of tampons, pads, and pantiliners so they are easy to grab when needed.

Source: Reddit

Tampon boxes on bathroom cabinet

Hold pictures and canvas prints on the wall

The most traditional method of using a Command Strip is to hold pictures or canvas prints on a wall. Choose the size and weight you need it to hold, and add in place of a metal hook, tape, or sticky putty. What method you use will greatly depend upon the size of the picture you plan t hang, but there are a variety of hooks that fit this purpose.

Hang wreaths on doors or walls

The Command Hook can be placed upside down on the inside of your front door to then add a loop of ribbon over to hang the wreath on the front side of the door. It can also be used right side up on walls or a mantle for hanging the same wreaths.

Hang small planters in a windowsill

I love growing herbs in my kitchen window, but the full window box takes up far too much room. Using a separate small planter for each herb, you can hang them along the wall or cabinet near the window. This gives them room to grow, tons of sunshine, and uses up space that otherwise would be wasted.

Hanging wall tapestries or quilts

Hanging a quilt on the wall requires something that will stand up to the weight of the blanket. There are heavy-duty Command Hooks that can hold up to 10 pounds each. Measure the width of your quilt, then add those hooks that far part. Then, you can just add a long dowel and hang your quilt over the dowel between the hooks.

Hang curtains on the walls

Not only can you add hooks above your window to hang a curtain rod for your favorite curtains, but you can also use them on the sides to hold the tie backs on your curtains.

Hold down cushions on chairs or patio furniture

This is brilliant if you have deck chairs with pillows or cushions that fly away. Add the Command Strips to them and then you can just attach the cushions just like velcro. The hooks work better and stay put due to their little hooks that lock onto each other.

Create a book sling or rack

Add a little book sling to your office wall or beside table. Thread a strip of fabric onto a small dowel, creating a little fabric hammock. Now, add hooks on the walls the length of the fabric apart, and slip the dowel onto the hooks. Just sit your books into the fabric hammock!

Attach floating shelves

Floating shelves are so great for holding small items around a room. If you aren’t planning to use them for heavy books, use Command Strips or Command Hooks to keep them in place on the wall instead of nailing a shelve hanger or bracket in place.

Floating shelves on a wall

Hold vines from potted plants

I grew up with potted plants around the house and one of those was a beautiful vine that was draped over the top of cabinets. Adding Command Hooks around the room gives you an easy place to drape your vines so they are out of the way but still beautifully placed in your home.

Keep slipcovers in place on furniture

Much like the method for holding down cushions on chairs, you can use them to hold slipcovers on your furniture. Just add them at key points around the chair to keep the slipcover in place when you sit down.

Add a canopy to a bed

Place a few hooks along with the ceiling around your bed, then hang lengths of fabric or tulle from the ceiling to create the canopy. You can also add the hooks along the headboard to tuck the loose ends of the canopy out of the way as needed.

Bed with canopy

Hold coasters beside end tables

I love adding crocheted coasters to our living area in different colors each season. The ones with little loops on the ends are easy to hang on hooks between the table and sofa. I’ve also added them behind the end table to keep them out of sight but handy when needed.

Hang lids to pots and pans under the kitchen counter

One of the handiest methods of using Command Hooks in the kitchen is to keep the lids to my pots and pans in place. Add them to the inside of your cabinet door and simply sit the lids in place so they are always handy, but out of the way.

Hold measuring cups and spoons inside cabinet doors

Hang your measuring cups and spoons inside the cabinet door using a few of the Command Hooks. I especially love this in my spice cabinet or cabinet for baked goods. It makes it much easier to keep track and grab just the size needed.

Temporary paper towel holder

Command Hooks are excellent as a simple paper towel holder under a countertop in your kitchen. Pick up the rounded hooks that will slip into the ends of the paper towels to keep it in place.

Hold aluminum foil or plastic wrap rolls

Add hooks to the inside of a cabinet door or in a drawer to hold your aluminum foil or plastic wrap rolls in place so they are easy to grab and tear off when needed.

Hang bibs on the back of a high chair

A hook on the back of a high chair is ideal for storing your spare bibs so there is always one in place when it’s time to feed your baby.

Hang next to the sink for holding rings while you do dishes

This is brilliant! You can add a Command Hook near your kitchen or bathroom sink for when you wash your hands or do the dishes. Just slip your rings over the hook until you are done!

Organize utensils for kitchen use

If you like to keep your spoons or spatulas handy by the stove, you can use these to hold them in place instead of placing them in a drawer. Add one utensil per-hook along the inside of a cabinet door, or even along the edge of an upper cabinet near the stove.

Utensils on wooden rack

Keep favorite scrub brush handy by the sink

Add a hook under the kitchen sink for your scrub brush to be on hand when needed.

Organize food storage

Command hooks are ideal for use in your pantry cabinets. You can add them along the sides of the cabinets to hold up baskets and bins for tucking things like gravy mixes or herbs into. They can even be used to hold up dividers for storing canned goods.

Use to dry rubber gloves

Add one to the inside of your sink to hang rubber gloves so they can drip dry after you wash dishes. You can also add this under your kitchen sink with a cup to catch any water that drips.

Hold cables to small appliances

Place a Command Hook onto the back of your small appliances to wrap their cords and cables around when not in use. This is great for keeping your cabinets and countertops neat between usage.

Organize your k-cups

Use Command Hooks to add a simple basket or bin near your coffee maker to hold your K-cups. This could also be used for creamer, sweeteners, or even to hold coffee syrups if desired all in place around your coffee station.

Hang coffee cups in the cabinet

Heavy-duty strips and hooks work perfectly for holding coffee mugs in place along the top of a kitchen cabinet. Make sure the ones you use are strong enough so they won’t fall off when you place the coffee mugs on them.

Use to create a door lock on the fridge

If you have a little one getting into the refrigerator and you need a temporary fix, add a hook on the door and the side of the refrigerator then tie a loop of fabric or hair tie between them. This keeps the door from opening and will keep them out of the refrigerator.

Hang cutting boards

They are great for hanging cutting boards on a wall, inside a cabinet, or near your counter in the kitchen.

Use to hang kitchen towels

Nothing is better to hang kitchen towels near your stovetop, by the sink, on a kitchen wall, or under kitchen cabinets. Just add a hook for each towel you plan to hang in that area.

Command hook with towel

Add extra racks into your refrigerator or freezer

Wire racks are easy to find but sometimes hard to place into your refrigerator or freezer. Hooks are perfect for holding them in place, just make sure they are heavy-duty enough to hold whatever you place on them. This is great for dividing snacks into categories or adding room for more storage in tall spaces.

Add an extra wire shelf to your pantry

The same principle applies to the pantry. Add additional shelves into the pantry without drilling holes or adding extra hardware. Just make sure you are only putting what the hooks can hold in place on the shelves.

Hang backpacks or school lunch boxes

Add a few hooks by your back door to hold your backpack or even the kid’s lunch boxes. Heavier duty hooks are good for backpacks, but any size can work for a lunch box to stay in place in the kitchen.

Hang hair care tools under the bathroom counter

Add hooks under the bathroom counter to hang your curling wands, curling irons, flat irons, or hair dryers. You can also add bins hung by the hooks for the same purpose.

Hold loofahs in the shower

Put a few hooks inside your shower stall to hold loofahs in place for easy access. This helps them drip dry easily and stay out of the way between showers.

Add wire basket to the bathtub for kids bath toys

Instead of suction cups, use a Command Hook to hold up the bin for your kids’ bath toys. This helps them be able to dry and prevent mold while keeping handy for the kids to grab as needed.

Organize your makeup drawer

Use them to add dividers and bins in your makeup drawer to hold different types of makeup. They are perfect for bins that hold makeup brushes, eyeliners, and lipsticks.

Create removable makeup art

Hang your makeup palettes on the wall using Command Strips!

Source: Reddit

Makeup wall art

Organize headbands

Hang your headbands on hooks that have been placed along the inside of your bathroom cabinets. They are ideal for both soft and hard headbands and can be added at different heights to make it easier to hook all of them in one area.

Create towel hooks in the bathroom

Place outside the shower door to hang your bathroom towel or hand towel to dry. Paint them different colors for the kid’s bathrooms to help them know which towel is theirs between uses.

Hold your razor in the shower

Place two side by side in the shower to serve as a small little shelf of sorts to hold your razor between uses. This can also be used to hold spare razor cartridges if needed.

Hold a hair bonnet or shower cap

Keep your hair bonnet or even a shower cap hanging and within easy reach between uses. Add them to the inside of your closet, bathroom cabinet, or even just on the wall by the medicine cabinet.

Keep spare hair ties in your desk drawer

Add one to a desk drawer to hang your hair ties so you have them on hand when needed at the office. No more digging around in the drawer trying to find one when your hair is hanging in your face.

Hang hats from the wall

If your husband or you collect baseball caps, it’s the perfect way to hang them from the wall in a neat and orderly fashion. Just place them at equal distances apart on the wall to make it look orderly.

Hang a stuffed animal “hammock”

Grab a spare piece of fabric or pillowcase and hang between two to three hooks to use as a hammock for your kid’s stuffed animals. You can also use the traditional mesh stuffed animal hammocks to hang between the hooks.

Organize your belts in the closet

Add hooks on your closet wall or door to hang your belts so they are neat and easy to find when needed. This is great for keeping them orderly for different purposes or even different seasons.

Source: Reddit

Belt hanging on wall

Hang swimsuits to dry

Add a few along the wall for hanging swimsuits to dry after kids get out of the pool. They can be hung in a poll house, just inside the mudroom, or in the shower. Place them in the space where they will be most useful.

Hang tank tops in the closet

Add a simple curtain rod along the back of the closet wall between Command Hooks to then add a few little shower curtain hangers onto for hanging tank tops or camisoles.

Use to Hang Your Robe Between Wearing

Add a hook outside the shower or in your closet to hold your robe between wearing it. This is a great way to keep it handy for when it is needed.

Robes hanging on wall

Hold the delicates bag by laundry

If you forget to separate your delicate laundry into a bag before tossing into the laundry, add a Command Hook on your laundry basket to hold the delicates bag between uses so it’s always on hand and easy to find.

Hang Christmas stockings on the mantle

They are the perfect way to add your stockings to the mantle on Christmas Eve! Just make sure you use heavy-duty hooks if you plan to fill the stockings with a lot of gifts before morning.

Hold lights along the Banister

String your holiday lights along the banister of your stairs using these hooks to keep them in place. They will stay in place easily and make it easier to remove them later when the time to put away the decorations.

Hang lights on the outside of your home

Use the special outdoor hooks for hanging lights and decorations around the outside of the home. They are made to withstand weather and are perfect for use in places where you don’t want to damage paint or trim.

Hold mistletoe above doorways

What better way to add joy to the holidays than a bit of mistletoe above the doorway to help you sneak in a quick kiss from your loved ones!

Hang garland or bunting for holidays

Just like adding stockings to the mantle, you can use them to hang garland or bunting at the mantle, on doorways, or walls. This is great for use not just at Christmas, but for any holiday or party, including birthday parties.

Organize cords to your electronics

One of the most common uses is to add them along the back of a desk or entertainment center to organize your electronics cords between uses. You can even add them along the floor to help hold cords in place that run to things like your cable or internet cables.

Add to a decorative board and use to hang jewelry

I love painting them with a bit of glitter paint and adding to a piece of board, a pegboard, or even directly to the wall in my bedroom to hang jewelry from between use. It’s a great way to be able to see all of your necklaces, rings, and bracelets in one place.

Use to organize scarves or ties in a closet

Much like using them for your belts, you can use them to organize your scarves or even your ties. A few hooks can hold them individually, or you can add a rod between a few hooks and hang the ties or scarves over the rods.

Hang car keys near the door

They are the perfect home for your car keys or house keys between uses. Just add right inside the door so you always know where your keys are between trips out or to work.

Keys hanging on hook by door

Hang the dog leash

Keep your pet’s leash or harness handy by the door with a simple hook. They can be painted or purchased in different colors and styles to match your decor but still be handy and useful.

Keep your scoop in place by the litter pan

A hook just above the litter pan is the perfect place to hang your scoop between use. This keeps all little bits of litter from falling on the floor, and you are never stuck searching for a scoop when the time to clean up the litter pan.

Hang headphones on the side of your computer or monitor

If you are always losing your headphones, just add a hook to the side of your computer or your monitor. This is great for computers at schools for kids or at home for the kids to always keep things int heir place between usage.

Headphones on computer

Keep garbage bags from slipping

If your garbage bags always slip down inside the can, use Command Hooks on either side of the can and just slip the loop of the bag or edge of the bag over the hook. This will keep them in place between emptying the can.

Hold up a tablet on a wall

Do your kids like watching stuff on their table but you don’t want them to drop it? Use hooks to hold it to the wall nearby. They get to watch but there is no chance it will be dropped. This also works excellent for holding a tablet in place to watch while you are doing chores or in the kitchen cooking.

Source: Reddit

Tablet on wall

Organize a locker with essentials

For the kids going to school, Command Strips can hold mirrors in place on the wall of a locker. Command Hooks are great for adding baskets or bins into the locker to hold extra supplies or books as needed.

Create storage for craft supplies

These are great for holding bins and baskets inside drawers or closets to organizer your craft supplies. They are ideal for holding things like paint brushes, pens, pencils, or markers in little bins.

Craft organizer on wall

Hang wrapping paper

Similar to how you hold paper towels in place, you can use one on each end to hold wrapping paper in place on the wall. This makes wrapping gifts much easier to manage. Just pull from the roll, measure, and cut into the size needed for wrapping the gift.

Hang a clipboard or chore list

If you like to keep a chore list handy for yourself or your children, use this is a great way to hang them on a wall. They work great in a family command center or next to the backdoor as a reminder to finish chores before going out to play outside.

Hang a bucket or bin to house stationery

Keep stationery items nearby at your desk by using Command Strips to hang small bins nearby. Add envelopes, paper, postage, pens, pencils, or stickers to your bins for storage. This is a great place to add them to keep them handy!

Organize camera accessories

Hang your camera straps, extra battery packs, lenses, or a camera bag on Command Hooks. You can even use them to add bins or baskets in a closet or drawer to store your accessories as needed.

Hang lanyards for work

Add a hook by your door or to your car to hang lanyards for use at work or for your job. If you add your lanyard to the hook every day you won’t forget it on your way out the door to work the next morning.

Hold Cricut cutting tools and accessories

Place hooks above your Cricut machine to hang your scissors, tweezers, weeding tools, or even your extra mats. This keeps them handy, clean, and easy to find when you are ready to use them for your next project.

Organize ribbon in your craft room

Put a dowel rod between two hooks to hang and organize your ribbon or washi tape between use. Just slide the spools over the end of the rod and slip it between the two hooks so it is easy to unroll and cut a length of ribbon or tape when needed.

Hold toys or games in your car

Use a Command Strip to add a small basket to the back of your car seat to hold handheld games, toys, or coloring books and crayons for your kids to use when traveling.

Hang your purse on the wall

Use a hook to keep your purse off the floor and clean between usage. Make it a standard place to hang your purse when you aren’t using it. This keeps it clean and handy when needed.

Hold sunglasses in your car

Add a hook to the roof of your car or to the visor in the car to hook your sunglasses for driving. You could also add the hook inside the glove compartment or the console if preferred.

Hold reusable grocery bags in the garage or car

If you shop with reusable grocery bags, add them to the hooks to store between use. I keep mine on a hook by the door to the garage, but you could also add a hook inside your car trunk if preferred.

Hang your cell phone near the charger

If you don’t have a table near your charger, just add a hook by the outlet to sit your cell phone while it charges. This keeps it nearby so your cord doesn’t fall out of the charger.

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