40 Fun Christmas Kid’s Crafts Perfect for Winter Break

Christmas is the best time of year to get busy creating with the kids. This list of fun Christmas kids crafts is going to be great for keeping your little ones busy during the holiday break this year. Whether you are homeschooling and need crafts, or just want to get them involved in creating new ideas for decorating, this list has something for you to create and have fun making. I love adding unique ideas that kids of all ages can make, and this list has something for preschool all the way to high school!

Kids Christmas craft collage

Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Admittedly, Christmas is my all-time favorite time of the year. I just the look and smells of the holidays. Whether it’s Santa Claus, Christmas trees, holly, peppermint, or cinnamon sticks, this is the ultimate time of year for me to get creative. If you are looking for more ideas for decorating or creating, look no further than the list below!

Shiny Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Rudolph ornament

Turn a gold Christmas bulb into a cute little reindeer decoration. This one is super easy to make and always fun for kids and adults alike to make! Add it to your tree to create a gorgeous decoration!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Adorable Christmas Pom Pom Tree Ornament

Pom pom tree by chalkboard

Craft sticks and pom poms are all you need to make this cute little tree. Hang this on your tree or use it as a cute magnet to hang on the refrigerator. It’s a cute craft that kids will be sure to love creating.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Rustic Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

Twig ornaments on table

A few simple twigs off trees in your yard combine with ribbon or twine to create adorable little rustic ornaments. This is ideal for kids to make. Send them out on a nature hike to find the twigs and get creative making these.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cardboard Christmas Star Decorations

Cardboard star on tree

I love upcycling and this is a perfect craft to do that! Plus, it’s ideal for that hand-eye coordination you want the kids to practice. Turn old cardboard boxes into cute stars to add to your tree, mantle, or use as a gift tag on a present!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Adorable DIY Christmas Bell Decoration

Flower pot bell

This is one that kids will enjoy helping you make. Painting an old flower pot and adding a few winter and holiday-themed stickers on the outside make it a cute addition to any tree or decoration. You can easily make this easy for kids by using spray paint!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Checked ornament on tree

It doesn’t get any easier than this little ball! Use any color scrap fabric you have on hand to create your own simple twist on this idea to hang on your tree for a great rustic holiday tree ornament.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cute Pasta Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pasta tree on tree

Glue and paint a variety of pasta onto cardboard or foam paper and create an adorable little Christmas tree-shaped ornament. Pasta painting and crafting is ideal for making with kids. Do this and you’ll have happy kids!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Adorable Pom Pom Gnome Ornament

Gnome ornament leaning on tree

All you have to do to add this cute addition to your tree is to use a few pom poms, some craft paper, and glue! Kids can make this in a matter of minutes, and it’s a perfect look to the country chic or rustic look you desire on your tree.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Pine Cone Mini Christmas Tree Craft

Pine cone Christmas tree

A painted pine cone propped on an old wine bottle cork is a perfect addition to your holiday decor. This is super easy for the kids to make and it’s easy for you to make if you want to create a fun little pine cone village!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Twine and Lace Wrapped Christmas Ornament

Twine ornament on tree

For older kids who can use hot glue or good sticky craft glue, this easy ornament is a perfect idea to add to the tree. Use any color of twine and lace and let your kids create their own unique ornament.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Pasta Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

Pasta Christmas tree

Painted pasta and a few mini bells and ornaments are all you and the kids need to make this cute little miniature tree. It’s ideal for adding to the mantle or if made a bit smaller, to hang on your tree.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Clay Pot Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Clay pot reindeer

This is one of the easiest ideas you can use to make a cute reindeer decoration! Use these on holiday tables or just to create a fun set of reindeer on your mantle or at the tree. Cute ideas that kids can make, and hand prints to memorialize their age for years!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Colorful Pom Pom Pine Cone Ornaments

Pom pom pinecone

A bit of glue and a few colorful pom poms turn an ordinary pinecone into an adorable addition to your holiday tree. Kids love making these and they are tons of fun to add to their own trees or to decorate yours.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Paper Straw Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments

Paper straw ornament

Who knew you could use paper straws to make so many cute ideas! This tutorial turns them into super cute little ornaments you can add to your holiday tree. Customize with unique colors of straws for a fun different look!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Music Sheet Mini Paper Christmas Tree

Music sheet tree

An old piece of sheet music, wood slice, and a simple dowel turn into a cute little miniature Christmas tree. I love this idea and it’s easy to make with kids to help!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Christmas Characters {Santa, Tree, Snowman}

Craft stick Christmas ornaments

Painted craft sticks are easy to turn into cute little holiday characters. I love how much fun these are! They are ideal for kids to make, and perfect for hanging on your holiday tree.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Festive Paper Strip Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

Paper mini Christmas tree

Older kids can help make this cute little paper Christmas tree. Using festive holiday paper, scrapbook paper, or even hand-colored papers, this turns into a cute decoration in seconds.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Wooden Slice Reindeer Ornament

Wood slice reinderr ornament

A simple wooden slice with a few additions creates a cute reindeer ornament to add to your holiday tree! This is a great project for you to prep and let your little ones finish with their own spin on a face and ribbon addition.

Source: DIY n Crafts

DIY Craft Stick Christmas Ornament

Craft stick ornament on red paper

A few painted craft sticks and some glue and you suddenly have a cute message to add to your holiday tree. This idea is perfect for making with the kids and customizing with a unique message.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Yarn Ball Ornaments

Yarn ball ornament on tree

Scrap yarn is easy to turn into a cute little ornament to add to your holiday tree. Kids will especially enjoy making these! Add them to your holiday tree or gift as a tag on any package.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Colored Dough Ornaments

Coloring ornaments on table

This little dough ornament idea is super cute! Turn it into colored ornaments you have made with simple steps. Your kids will love these ornaments and you will love having a memento forever!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Christmas Mitten Garland

Mitten garland on mantle

I love that this is so easy even the kids can help make it! You just need a few supplies from the dollar store and safety pins to connect, then voila, you have a perfect holiday garland for your home.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Rudolph Paper Plate Kids Craft

Paper plate rudolph on table

Paint a paper plate and fold it into a cute little reindeer! This fun Rudolph craft is ideal for making with the kids and adding to your mantle as a cute decoration!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Snowman Craft Ornament

Snowman ornament on tree

Hang these cute little snowmen on your tree this year! Add the year and the kid’s name that created it to create an even more special look that hangs on your tree year after year!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Paper Reindeer Kids Craft

Paper rudolph on table

Pre-cut paper makes assembling this little reindeer super easy for kids. This is the ideal project to make with a large group since you already have the supplies assembled. All they do is glue together!

Source: Etsy

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Christmas tree

Create this simple Christmas tree craft that is a fun craft that is great for all ages. With basic materials, this Christmas tree craft is easy to make. I love that this is a budget option that can be added to kids’ holiday creations this year.

Source: Our Wabi Sabi Life

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

This is such a cute little idea that kids can so easily make. I love that pipe cleaners are so budget-friendly and super easy to roll and shape into cute ideas to hang on the tree!

Reindeer Ornament Kids Craft

Clothespin rudolph

This classic Christmas craft is a great addition to your tree and makes a great gift for grandparents. Old fashioned clothespins are a perfect base for your holiday reindeer ornaments!

Source: That Fit Fam

Kids Artwork Embroidered Ornament

Embroidered decoration

.Let your kids get crafty when they turn their sketches into hand-embroidered keepsake ornaments! This is a beginner hand embroidery tutorial that anyone can do.

Source: Swoodson Says

Easy Felt Tree Kids Christmas Ornament

Felt trees on table

I love how this uses rounds of felt to stick together and create a cute little ornament tree. This is perfect for young hands to help learn coordination!

Source: Etsy

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Craft

Handprint Christmas tree

Get crafty with a Christmas tree that will make the whole season brighter! This Christmas tree is easy and fun to make! Kids will love painting their hands and adding pom poms to create a fun little tree!

Source: Foster to Adopt

Yarn Baby Jesus in a Manger

Baby Jesus in manger

I have to admit, this is absolutely adorable! Perfect for Sunday school class crafting or to teach kids about the birth of Jesus and the manger scene.

Source: Catholic Icing

Painted Block Snowman Craft

Block snowman on red table

I love how easy this project is to make! Kids have fun painting blocks then assembling them into a cute little snowman or another common holiday character. Super cute and definitely easy to make!

Source: Teaching Ideas

Snowglobe Sun Catcher Craft For Kids

Suncatcher snow globes

This fun little idea is ideal for kids to make! Snowglobes are traditional for holidays, and this gives them a chance to really customize it for themselves!

Source: Etsy

DIY Footprint Reindeer Craft

This is a classic that is always fun for kids to make! I love that you can make them year after year and track changes in your kids! Just mark the year and their name on the back!

Adorable Grinch Christmas Games

Grinch face on porch

Tis the season for Grinch crafts! Find out how to make these super fun craft ideas for kids! I love the Grinch face on the porch! Such a cute idea to add this to your holiday routine with the kids!

Source: Get Your Holiday On

Homemade Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread house on table

You make the gingerbread and your kids put it together for an adorable addition to your holiday routine! This homemade gingerbread house recipe is more than a recipe; it’s a tradition. It comes complete with a template. Even budget friendly with a recipe that costs just $6.95 to make 2 large houses!

Source: Easy Budget Recipes

Foam Ornament Kids Craft

Foam ornament

Foam ornaments are always a hit with the kids. This lets them create their own unique spin on the ornament with fun additions to traditional round ornament looks.

Source: Etsy

Fingerprint Reindeer Ornament

We’ve all made these before, but this is a great reminder of how cute they are for kids to make! Another great way to track kid’s growth year after year! I love this and so do grandparents who get them in the mail for Christmas!

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Kids Craft

Reindeer ornament on table

Make this cute little reindeer using a simple template included in this tutorial. Kids love reindeer, and now they can add this to their holiday crafting routine!

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

Santa & Elf Bookmark Christmas Craft

Santa and elf bookmarks

Here is a fun snowman and elf bookmark Christmas craft for you to do with the kids this holiday season! Includes a free printable template to download. This is a fun and easy craft for kids to make to help with their reading time!

Source: Brooklyn Active Mama

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