35+ DIY Snowman Crafts Perfect for Winter

I love the snow! Good thing I live in Michigan where we have snow at least 6-7 months a year, but often up to 9 months a year. So, these snowman crafts are perfect for me! Whether you have snow outside or just want to create a snow theme indoors, this list has something for everyone. Kids crafts, home decor, and just fun ideas that are cute ways to upcycle items into looking like snowman are all here for you to make!

Snowman craft collage

DIY Snowman Crafts

I love snowmen! They are perfect for decorating throughout the winter season. Yes, a lot of these ideas are Christmas themed, but they aren’t all just for the holidays. Winter means snowmen can be used to decorate throughout the cold months. So, pick what you like from this list and make your own gorgeous snowmen to add to the house or holiday decor.

Looking for more fun ideas for winter crafting? Check out some of my favorite lists below!

Cute Upcycled Light Bulb Snowman Ornament

Lightbulb snowman ornament

A lightbulb has never looked so good! This painted bulb creates a perfect little snowman. Ideal for sharing at the holidays or adding to any winter decor!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cute Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Bottle cap snowman ornament

This little snowman craft is ideal for Christmas decorating! It’s such a cute idea to add to your tree this year and perfect for the kids to help you make!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Adorable Snowman Craft Stick Photo Ornament

Craft stick snowman ornament

A few craft sticks and paint are all you need to make this cute idea that is ideal for sharing pictures of your kids during the holidays. Add this to your kid’s crafting list and have fun making for aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cute DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft

Craft stick snowman

Craft sticks are always in our craft supplies and this little snowman is a perfect way to use those. Add a bit of paint and glue them together to create your own little snowman decoration!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Easy DIY Christmas Clay Pot Snowman Decoration

Clay pot snowman on table

Old flower pots are such an easy craft item to turn into a cute little snowman. Add this to the top of your mantle or even sit them on your front porch for winter decor.

Source: DIY n Crafts

DIY LED Tealight Candle Snowman Ornament

Tealight candle snowman

This set of ornaments is super cute, but I love the snowman the most! It’s ideal for your holiday tree or to add to a wreath for your front door!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Easy DIY Upcycled Bottle Snowman

Sock snowman

What a cute idea! An old fuzzy sock and a bottle turn into an adorable little snowman. This is a great choice to make with the kids.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Rustic Snowman Decoration

Wood scrap snowman

Scrap lumber, a few pieces of fabric, and some paint turn into an adorable little rustic snowman you can add to your mantle, on your front porch, or even just by your holiday tree!

Source: DIY n Crafts

DIY Cotton Thread Snowman

String snowman

This adorable little snowman is super fun to make! Wrap thread around a balloon to create a fun base! This is adorable for adding to your front porch for the winter season.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Dollar Store Snowman Ornament Craft

Snowman ornament

This cute little ornament is super easy to make with your dollar store supplies! Stuffed with cotton and a simple hat added, it’s ideal for making with the kids!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Mason Jar Lid Snowman Ornament

Mason jar lid snowman

These are some of my absolute favorite crafts to make. They are ideal ornaments but look super cute on the mantle, hanging on a wreath, or even on your front door!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Homemade Snowman Decorations

Snowman garland on mantle

This yarn ball mantle decoration is super cute. Kids will love helping you wind the yarn around each one to create a cute little garland to add to your mantles this year.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Snowman Porch Decoration

Snowman porch decor

This is one of the easiest porch decorations you can make for winter. Super cute, easy, and a great way to greet guests coming over to visit. I like how this is so easy to personalize!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Easy Snowman Ornaments

Snowman peg ornament

Little pegs are painted to create a cute base for your snowman ornament! Wrap with felt or fabric and give each one it’s own unique personality.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Snowman Sensory Jar

Sensory jar snowman

Here is one for the kids to make or you to create for them. A simple sensory jar is easy to make and adding little snowman features to it makes it ideal for holidays and winter.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Snowman Candle Holder

Snowman candle holder

This is the ultimate in easy candle holders! Just a few little additions glued onto a basic clear bowl and you have cute decoration that is ideal for adding to your home throughout the winter months.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Snowman Birdfeeder Craft for Kids

Snowman birdhouse

This is a perfect craft to make with the kids! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feed the birds! Birds and squirrels will love this cute little project!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Sock Snowman Craft

We all have a few spare socks in the laundry room, and this idea is perfect for using those for a new purpose! I love how cute these are, and the video tutorial makes it super easy to create.

Snowman Ruler Snow Measuring Sticks

Ruler snowman

This is such a fun idea! It would be super easy to make and great for gifting to friends and family who live in a snowy area!

Source: Etsy

Snowman Craft Ikea Baskets

Ikea basket snowman

This idea is absolutely brilliant! An adorable snowman is easy to make and turns back into baskets after the holiday season! There is even a free printable top hat template you can make!

Source: Squirrels of a Feather

Adorable Fish Bowl Frosty The Snowman Decor

Fish bowl snowman

What a cute idea! Fishbowls are filled with cute winter scenes then stacked together to create a super cute little snowman to add to your holiday decor!

Source: An Alli Event

Jolly Snowman Christmas Wreath

Snowman wreath

Welcome guests into your home with a super cute little wreath! I love how this has tons of life and color with various 3D elements, including the snowman’s face!

Source: The Farm Girl Gabs

Amigurumi Crochet Snowman Toy

Amigurumi snowman on table

If you crochet, then this little pattern is a perfect one to follow to create your own little snowman stuffed toy. Super cute and easy to make, even for beginner crocheters.

Source: Etsy

Upcycled Pumpkin Snowman

Pumpkin sowman

This is a great idea for using those plastic pumpkin buckets from Halloween! Make this cute little custom snowman and add to your front door this year.

Source: Get Your Holiday On

Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Snowman

I couldn’t believe what she made this snowman from! A simple Dollar Tree product from kitchen supplies suddenly turns into an adorable snowman decoration!

Scrap Wood Snowman Family

Wood and bolt snowman family

Repurpose bits and pieces of screws, scrap lumber, and paint to create this adorable little snowman family to add to your mantle.

Source: Salvaged Living

Wine Cork Snowman Ornaments

Cork snowman

This is an easy Christmas craft project that is ideal for kids of all ages. Upcycle an old wine cork into this super cute little snowman

Source: Crayons and Cravings

Fabric Melted Snowman Craft

Melted snowman

What a cute idea! A bit of fuzzy fabric and a few embellishments make a cute little melted snowman look. This is ideal for those warmer days in spring when it’s not yet warm out.

Source: Etsy

DIY Glitter Snowman With Lights

Light up snowman on mantle

This dollar store project is a super cute idea that uses simple supplies, glue, glitter, and an easy light set to create a glowing addition to your mantle.

Source: Leap Of Faith Crafting

DIY Wooden Snowman

Wooden snowman by brick

This simple wood sign is a great way to use a pallet for a new creation. Follow this easy tutorial to create your own little snowman to add to the front door.

Source: Happiest Camper

DIY Wood Slice Snowman

This is such a cute idea for using up bits of wood slices for crafting or even cutting your own little pieces from a tree. I love how this rustic look is super simple but obviously a snowman.

Upcycled Old Book Snowman

Upcycled book snowman

What a brilliant idea for using old books! Turn them into cute little snowmen to add to your mantle all winter long!

Source: Etsy

Mason Jar Snowman

Mason jar snowman on counter

A painted mason jar turns into a cute little snowman that is ideal for adding to your winter decorations! This is super easy to make and ideal for kids to help you create.

Source: Homemade Heather

Rustic Snowman Ornament

Rustic snowman on blue surface

A cute ornament made with only a few items you can grab at your local dollar store is always a hit. It is frugal and super easy for kids to help you make!

Source: Teach Me Mommy

Bottle Lid Snowman Ornaments

Bottle lid snowman ornaments

This idea is a great way to upcycle items you’ve probably already had on hand. Grab old bottle lids, paint them, and attach them to create a cute little ornament.

Source: Handy with Scissors

Stacked Block Snowman

Wood block snowman

I love this idea! Old scrap lumber, a bit of wood, and your usual snowman accessories, and you have a super cute idea that looks great anywhere as part of your home decor.

Source: Etsy

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