35+ Adorable Christmas Craft Stick Projects for Kids

There is nothing more universal in crafting than the lowly craft stick. Popsicle stick, tongue depressor, craft stick, or wooden stick are all names for this universal crafting supply that is found in every good crafter’s stash. This list of Christmas themed craft stick projects is ideal for keeping your kids busy this holiday season. While the bulk of these are ornaments, many of them can be used to decorate around the house as well as on your tree this year. So, gather your sticks, glue, paint, and supplies and start crafting to add holiday cheer to your home this year!

Craft stick crafts collage

Christmas Craft Stick Projects for Kids

While I love this list of craft stick ideas, you may want a few other unique ways to decorate this year. If you are looking for more ideas, I have gathered tons to help you out. Whether you are looking for DIY ornaments, kids crafts, ideas for decorating your home, or even a few recipes, below are some more of our great lists of ideas to keep you busy throughout the holiday season.

Adorable Snowman Craft Stick Photo Ornament

craft stick snowamn by candle

I remember making these or similar when I was a child. They are always popular with kids and adults. Why? Because they are simple and you can so easily add any snapshot inside to gift to friends and family, or to simply track year to year to see your child as they grow up.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Gingerbread House Ornament

Mini gingerbread house by chalkboard

I adore gingerbread houses, but they end up in the garbage and your creation is lost forever. This is a great way to customize your own little gingerbread house to keep year after year! Plus, it’s great for making with your children.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft stick christmas tree in front of tree

This is oh, so simple, and absolutely adorable! It’s ideal for little kids to customize with different colors of beads, sequins, or paint to make the ornaments on this tree fit their personality. A cute addition to your holiday crafting that is ideal for making in big groups of kids.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Snowman Ornament

Craft stick snowamn in front of chalkboard

I love snowmen and this cute little ornament is absolutely adorable! It’s super cute and super easy to make. I like that this is a little bit larger than most craft stick ornaments. It’s really easy to make that way and just looks great as a show piece on your tree.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Santa Claus Ornament

craft stick santa in front of tree

What would Christmas be without Santa Claus as part of the routine? This iconic holiday figure is a must in many households and is ideal for making to add to your tree. I especially like that this version has a fuzzy beard!

Source: DIY n Crafts

DIY Craft Stick Lollipop Photo Ornament

Lolipop ornament on blue table

Candy is a huge part of the holidays for me, and that’s why I love the idea of making a little lollipop to go on my tree. Make these in a variety of colors and add all over your tree this year! Add a little snapshot into the opening for tracking your kids growth year to year.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Christmas Pom Pom Tree Ornament

Pom pom tree on tree

While not totally a craft stick project, the base of this tree is one, so I just had to add to the list. It’s an adorable addition to your Christmas crafting and is easy to make in minutes!

Source: DIY n Crafts

DIY Christmas Sleigh from Craft Sticks

craft stick sleighs on table

This is such a cute little idea! Add this to any of your holiday village decors or themes with a cute jingle bell alongside the base if you want! I love how easy this is and that it can be made in dozens of colors.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Star Ornament

Rustic stars hanging

A few popsicle sticks and a bit of glue are all you need to make a star to go on your tree this year. This Christmas ornament is simple, fast, and perfect for little ones to make in a classroom setting.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Craft Stick Christmas Message Ornament

Square ornament on red paper

I love how simple this craft stick ornament is to make. This is ideal for a classroom setting or with younger kids. Of course, you can add a picture, a printed saying, quote, or even use cut apart greeting cards for the message in the center!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Santa Claus Hat Craft for Kids

Santa hat on wood

It doesn’t get any easier than this! A few craft sticks, some paint, and the pom poms gather together to go on your tree to create a cute little Santa hat. I love this easy project and know kids will adore how easy they are to make!

Source: The Homespun Hydrangea

Craft Stick Button Christmas Tree

Button christmas tree on paper

What a cute spin on the Christmas tree idea! Adding colorful buttons is all you need to create a fake ornament look on your little miniature tree. Such a cute idea to add to your kid’s crafting list for Christmas.

Source: Ginger Snap Crafts

Personalized Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament

Mini sleds with names on table

These are not only cute but also personalized. Add the year and family names to these and you have a super cute ornament to keep year after year on your tree. I like how these different colors for each person in the family.

Source: Etsy

Popsicle Stick Rudolph

Craft stick reindeer on table

I love how this little spin on a reindeer brings in a bit of a natural element in the antlers. Super cute and very easy to make, it’s sure to be a hit with the kids in your life.

Source: Craftionary

Popsicle Stick Elf Craft

Craft stick elf on polka dot paper

This project is a little different than some of the others. It includes a simple little elf hat, some ears, and a unique little smile. Santa Claus couldn’t do what he does without the help of his elves!

Source: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Toy Soldier Ornament

Toy soldier in tree

My son loves nutcrackers, and this little toy soldier is a lot like many of the ones he has on display each year. Make this with a bit of paint, glue, and craft sticks and add to your holiday tree this year.

Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Craft Stick Snowman Hat

Snowman hat in tree

I like the idea of a snowman on the tree, but this little hat is a great choice to add as well. Simple fake ivy using buttons and felt make it look absolutely precious when hanging on the tree next to the rest of your ornaments.

Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

craft stick christmas tree on paper

Another fun take on the holiday tree, this one adds a 3D element with additional craft sticks layered on top of each other along with a spiral of silver ribbon and miniature pom-poms as ornaments. This is a great choice for adding a new look on your tree this year that the kids have made!Craft

Source: She Saved

Craft Stick Red Truck Christmas Ornament

Woman holding craft stick truck

In recent years, the little red farm truck has become a popular addition to holiday decor and specifically, the modern farmhouse movement. This craft stick version is adorable and ideal for adding to your holiday tree this year.

Source: Fun Loving Families

Homemade Christmas Sled Ornament

Photo sleds on table

This cute little ornament includes a snapshot that is ideal for sharing your kids year to year. I love this idea for adding sleds to your tree. Even if you don’t have snow in your area, the sled is an ideal Christmas ornament idea!

Source: The Craft Patch Blog

Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments

craft stick snowmen on table

This snowman uses a single craft stick, paint, and a few additions to create cute little snowmen in a variety of colors. I like how simple these are to make but also that they are so cute for the kids!

Source: Etsy

Craft Stick Ski Poles Ornament

Snow ski ornaments on tree

Another ode to snow and the slopes are these adorable little ski poles! Simple to make and ideal for adding to any holiday tree, these are definitely a favorite for friends and family that love to hit the slopes on holidays.

Source: 21 Rosemary Lane

Craft Stick Happy Elf Ornament

craft stick elves on table

I love the little googly eyes and smiles on these single craft stick ornaments. This is a great way to make a cute little elf to add to your tree. Adding the button middles make it even cuter and give you a chance to customize these.

Source: The Resourceful Mama

Popsicle Stick Christmas Angel

Angel ornament on tree

Every holiday tree needs an angel, and this one is super cute and easy to make. It even comes with a template for the wings! You can add this to the top of your tree or simply hang it as an ornament.

Source: Simple Mom Project

Popsicle Stick Manger Craft

Manger ornament in tree

Jesus in a manger is a huge part of the holiday season and this little ornament is a great way to add that to your tree. Never forget the reason for the season with this simple rustic styled ornament.

Source: Housing a Forest

Craft Stick Colorful Christmas Tree on Base

colorful stick trees in pots

This little choice for a tree is a great one that adds different colors to your holiday decor. I like that this can be added to the tree or used as an ornament. The base is nice to have on hand, and keeps it steady when using alongside a holiday village display.

Source: Crafts Unleashed

Rustic Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Sled Ornament

Snowman sled on board

What a cute idea! A little vintage Santa sticker added to a craft stick sled is brilliant! This is a perfect addition to a traditional country chic or vintage styled holiday tree this year!

Source: Etsy

Popsicle Stick Holiday Window

Craft stick window on table

Buffalo print with a tree looks cute inside this little fake window. Add this to your tree or set up next to the rest of your decor as a cute addition to your holiday decorations this year.

Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

Craft Stick Stand Up Tree

This larger craft stick decoration is brilliant! A simple template helps you line up craft sticks to glue together and create a 3D tree to add to your holiday decor. I love how easy this is to make and how you can use plain or colored craft sticks if wanted.

Craft Stick Nativity Ornament

Nativity hanging on branch

It doesn’t get any simpler than this one! It’s a cute way to add a special ornament to your tree to remember what Christmas is all about. You can paint these different colors, but I love the basic white!

Source: Irie Made

Grinch Popsicle Stick Craft

Grinch on table

No Christmas is complete without a viewing of the Grinch Whole Stole Christmas! This little craft stick idea is adorable and can be used as an ornament, pretend play as a puppet, or just added along your mantle.

Source: Rainy Day Mum

Craft Stick Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph ornament on white table

It doesn’t get any easier or any cuter than this little reindeer craft! Big googly eyes and a simple red dot on the nose make it a cute Rudolph that is ideal for adding to your tree this year. I love how easy this one is for small hands to make.

Source: Craftaholics Anonymous

Craft Stick Nativity with Baby Jesus

Nativity ornament on tree

I love that this manger scene adds a cute little baby Jesus in the manger and a bright star at the top. This is easy to make and looks great by itself on the mantle or hanging on the tree.

Source: Kid Friendly Things to Do

Sheet Music Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Music sheet tree on tree

This combines the miniature tree look, upcycled sheet music, and an ornament all in one! The base is a craft stick but you can customize with pages from any song you love for the holidays.

Source: Happy Hooligans

Craft Stick Santa Gnome

Santa gnome on green paper

Gnomes and Santa together? Of course, I love this! Such a cute idea for making a little ornament or display to go by your fairy house. Kids will love this craft and you’ll love how precious it looks on your tree.

Source: Glued to My Crafts Blog

Popsicle Stick JOY Star Ornament

I love the message on this ornament! So simple and yet so powerful. Perfect for celebrating the holiday season with happiness and finding joy in the little things, like this ornament!

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